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Call a local electrician for your west Auckland work. Why attempt a dangerous job when qualified electrician can arrive and meet your electrical needs. Whether it’s a simple job or something more substantial, I can do it for you. High quality materials are used and work efficiently done. Leave your work in my hands.

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What we value

Our key principal at Moffat Electrical is to do a Good Job that will last and fulfil all the electrical requirements required of it.

This includes selections of the correct equipment with the particular characteristics needed and installed in the best manner, to the satisfaction of you the customer.

With our ethical pricing, you can relax knowing you are in trustworthy hands. As an experienced electrician in West Auckland, I guarantee all my work.


Moffat Electrical prides itself on:
  • Cost efficient electrical work
  • Safe and Professional trade
Consult a professional electrician in west Auckland.

Contact us for more information concerning our electrical service and will provide you with any information you require.

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